Thursday, July 3, 2008

Written by: Realsmall

Illustrated by: That Borrower!

Melly Mills vs. the Schoolyard Bullies

Well Jay as you know has been avoiding me like the plague ever since I burped in his face. I don't think it smelled that bad but who knows. I've been wondering how I can make up for such a rude mistake for the past few days and suddenly without warning the opportunity sprung right into my arms, He he.

It was one of those boring Thursday afternoons and I had just finished my home schooling with Dr. Crisp who had left about 5 minutes earlier in his old black sedan. I was just daydreaming sitting at the front of my shed, braiding my hair when I saw Jay running up the road crying his little eyes out. He was about to pass me by and head straight for his house so I jumped up and blocked his path so that I could find out what'd happened. He almost ran right into my belly as I was crouched on my knees so that he couldn't run straight through my legs or something. Stopping just before me he looked up at me and tried to wipe the tears from his eyes. I could see that one of his eyes was black and his nose was bloody (ick!). Jay spoke up in a hurtful tone- "Get outta my way Melly I want to go home now. After saying this he tried to barge right past me to my right but I just put out my arm and collected him back in front of me. It was as easy as scooping a kitten along but this wasn't no time to laugh so I asked him again with both of my hands on his tiny little shoulders.

Jay just looked down and said: "They beat me up Melly, that's what happened." "Who?" I asked. "That darn Earnest Carmikel, his stooge Benny Belingo and their underling stooge Jimmy Mac... They're all older than me and Earnest failed 11th grade once and Benny failed it twice. They were waiting for me at the big oak tree down at the end of our street. They said tomorrow after school I'd better bring them my lunch money or I'll get another beating." Jay just started sniffling again so I hugged him to my chest in a effort to comfort him. I felt all motherly at that moment which kinda made me feel adult and all. He cried a little more on my chest and once he finished I rubbed his eyes with my blouse and told him to go on inside and not to say a word of it to his Ma or Pa and that tomorrow I'd fix the whole situation up my way. Jay didn't say a word and ran back to his house as I instructed. His parents wouldn't be home for another hour so I knew he'd have plenty of time to wash up and think of a excuse to tell them.

I went back inside my shed and thought up my plan as I was really mad about what had happened and I knew I could meet their force with even more if I had too. I'd never done something like that before so my approach would have to be somewhat creative I figured. I wanted to make sure that those jerks never did something like that again and still not wind up in jail over it either. As I contemplated my actions I started to feel kinda giddy inside with my new found role of potential authority figure. As if my large size could finally be used for something useful in my community. Perhaps in the future I could chase down bank robbers or apprehend husbands who beat their wives. I thought of these things for the rest of the evening and made sure I told Mrs. Appleton that I knew nothing about Jay's injuries and reaffirmed that I believed what ever story he had told her. She didn't seem convinced but left me alone after a little bit all the same. Just before I went to sleep that night I had thought of the most brilliant plan!

The next morning I got up and caught Jay as he went to school. I told him to make sure that he took the same path home that he always did and not to deviate from it. It took some convincing on my part and I could only tell him to trust me on this one. I think he had planned on sneaking home for the rest of his life but I didn't think that would be necessary he he.

Right at 3 o'clock I snuck up to that big oak tree that Jason told me about. It was perfect. The tree was so big that it completely hid me which is not a easy task I assure you. I crouched down peaking out every once in a while waiting for the culprits to show. And sure enough they did. I was on the backside of that oak and they came up to the street side waiting for their chance to beat up Jay once again. It took all of my reserve not to just jump out then and there I tell ya but somehow I remained calm as I wanted to catch them in the act. They chatted for a few minutes about stupid stuff that I didn't care to hear about. One of them even lit up a cigarette and passed it around. They all tried to seem big by taking puffs here and there which only made me more disgusted than I already was. They started joking about which one's turn it was to beat up poor little Jay again which really ticked me off I tell ya. Just before I finally lost my cool with those jerks Jay came right up the road as he had promised to do.

The leader who I took to be Earnest began his salutations to poor Jay. "Well, well, well, if it isn't little boy blue himself come to pay up or else". The other two laughed at his silly rhyme and remained close to their leader for support I suppose. "Did you bring your lunch money little boy?" Jay just looked at the ground all frightened and all. "Because if you didn't, today your getting whipped by Jimmy Mac who needs to practice his punching bag techniques." They all laughed again. "Well do you got the money little Jay or is it knuckle sandwich time?" Jay just shook his head and quivered that he didn't have the money. At which time Benny pushed Jay onto his back and then Jimmy jumped on top of him to begin his beating. At that moment I charged out ready for action.

"I don't think that's going to be necessary little boys." I roared. They all three looked up and if you could have seen how big their mouths got you would have sworn they were half Alligator. While they were all in shock I took advantage of the situation and scooped them all three into my arms like a crane or something. I closed my arms and lifted up taking them several feet from the ground. "Bad little boys are going to get a spanking from Momma that they'll never forget!" I said in my most motherly tone that I could speak. At that point they began to struggle so I just squeezed my arms a little tighter and all they could do was cry in terror as I turned and headed back towards my shed. Being almost 20 feet tall has it's perks! An incredulous Jay just tagged behind me like a puppy dog half in shock and half interested to see what was going to happen to those bad boys whom I was about to punish.

When we got to my shed I turned around and told Jay to go inside his house and that I'd call him when I was done with these brats who were still crying and moaning by the way. With that I shut the shed doors and locked them with my door latch. After that I walked to the center of my big room and sat down on my improvised chair that I had built out of square bails of hay. They were stacked just right to resemble a big lazy boy chair! But comfort was going to be the last things these bad boys knew today I assure you.

So taking Benny and Jimmy Mac I secured each of them under my big dirty smelly feet, one per foot so that they couldn't go anywhere and kinda have to endure more humiliation while I tended to their leader whom I calmly laid across my lap taking his arms behind his back secured with one of my big hands. Then I pulled down his britches leaving his underwear exposed and began to berate him. "Now bad boys get bad punishments and need to know their place or bad boys get this." SMACK . I just gave him a love tap as he felt so fragile to me as I didn't want to break him in half. To my surprise this was enough to make him start balling his eyes out. He begged and pleaded with me not to hit him again but he was far from that wish to be granted today. So I kinda teased him a little as I reared my free hand back up into the air for another wallop. "It's too late for sorries and apologies buster." SMACK. "You should have thought about the repercussions before you attacked that poor defenseless boy." SMACK More tears and wailing came from him as I reared back for another blow. I could also feel the other boys squirming under my feet trying to sneak away so I just applied more pressure until they stopped moving so much. "Now are you going to ever SMACK hit SMACK Jayson SMACK again? SMACK. He was balling up a storm now and all he could whimper out was a weak little "No!" through his tears. "Good, because SMACK if I ever SMACK catch you SMACK hitting on my little step brother SMACK again, SMACK I'll make this spanking SMACK seem like a SMACK snuggle session." SMACK, SMACK, SMACK.

I took the quivering mess from my lap and pulled Benny up simultaneously and then placed him on the ground where I promptly secured him by placing my big dirty smelly foot right over his face so I didn't have to listen to any more of his baby crying. I couldn't believe how light and fragile these boys were. They reminded me of rag dolls or something. Benny was the next to lose his britches and had a funny little pair of super man undies on that made him look so cute that I almost forgot what I needed to do to him. So without further ado I administered his spanking with just as much enthusiasm as I had done with Earnest.

I continued the same proceeding with Jimmy Mac as well and before I knew it I had three slobbering wrecks who couldn't keep their hands off of their hineys. I suppose they needed a lot of soft tissues before they tried sitting down for the next week he he he. Having accomplished my enforcement duty for the day I picked all three of them up and headed out the door. Earnest had the nerve to ask about his jeans and I told him that part of their punishment was to run home without there britches and that if anyone asked what happened that they were to tell that they went swimming while they were playing hookey from school and a bear stole them. I didn't think their male ego would allow them to tell the true stories anyway. As I opened my shed door much to my surprise was Jay who had been listening all along. I thought about chastising him but a better idea came to mind.
Setting all three bullies on the ground I told them to tell Jay that they were sorry. They said so but I made them repeat it even louder with more sincerity the second time which all of them managed to do in unison. Then I told them that if any bully ever picked on him again that they would get the blame so that they'd better watch out for him or I was going to tan their behinds again but with much more serious wacks the next time. Then I told them to run home or I might just spank them again. Ha, ha they didn't need to be told twice as they ran down the driveway to the street as fast as their little sore bottoms would carry them.
Jay watched them run away then he turned back to crane his head and kinda gawk at me for a second. Jay was smiling and had a funny look on his face that I just couldn't read. He finally spoke. "Thank you Melly for ending my troubles. And I forgive you for belching in my face the other day now." I bent down to my knees and just ruffled his hair some. "Don't worry about it little step bro. After all, what are big sisters for?!"
With that he turned and walked back to his house stopping to look at me one more time before he went inside. I felt really giddy inside at that moment like their were butterflies floating in my stomach or something. I felt useful and empowered for the first time in a long time. I walked back to my straw chair and sat down. Me, the queen for a day.He he he.

The End

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Willy said...

Great story. Love it. Good job. It does Melly justice.