Thursday, July 3, 2008

Little Indian Brave

Chapter 1

Here we were broke down on a small blue planet called Terra. Dad’s drunk again so it’s going to take forever to get back home, I just know it will. I’m bored and want to go outside to see if I can find some sea shells to add to my collection.

"Don’t go more than 30 meters from the flier hun and stay close to Tria! If she goes back in then you go back in understand?" I roll my eyes and nod my head, I mean what else can I do? Tria is my older sister and she probably just wants to lay out in the sun and work on her tan so she can impress her stupid boyfriends back home. She’s already out the door and calling back to me- "Let’s go squirt I wanta catch some rays before dad fixes the hyperdrives." So I grab my bucket and put on my flip flops and head out with sis.

Tria lays her towel down right in front of the flier and plops down on her belly putting her earphones in. Not more than 3 seconds later she’s dead to the world. I look around for a body of water and don’t see any within mom’s containment zone. Oh, if I go past the 30 meters she designated for me then the little RFIDs that are woven into my cloths will alert her and then I’ve got explaining to do and sis will be mad at me as well... Being 9 years old is no picnic I assure you. So I look around for things to collect since seashells are definitely out sight and out of range as far as that goes. I don’t see anything spectacular about this measly little planet, it looks kinda flat and featureless. All that I see is some shrubs with what appears to be little insects flying in and out of them. Oh, right around the back of the flier is a rather large hill. I’m amazed dad didn’t crash into it as we made our emergency landing. Oh well might as well see if there’s some neat rocks or plants on it I can take back to Boria.

Trudging towards it I can feel the warm rays of a bright yellow star beating on by exposed shoulders and legs as my flip flops smack as I move towards the hill. Once I get to it I can see that it won’t be a very high climb, in fact it’s only about as high as our flier. So I crouch down onto my hands and begin to ascend. As I’m slowly going up I can notice more details about the surface. For one, there’s what resembles moss on the ground and more of those shrubs like before. My arms brush against a couple of them as I continue to climb and they just snap like balsa wood. Hmm they must be really dry or something. I also notice more plants on the slope and they have a very intricate detail to them. I take my finger nail and dig one up to inspect it. When I do it practically disintegrates into a mush. Kinda like how old wet lettuce feels. It’s nothing more than a dark green smudge on the tip of my finger now. How weird! And look at these rocks. They’re all like little pebbles that break apart as soon as I grasp them. Well, maybe there will be some bigger ones at the top. Going slowly and softly I’m there in just a few moment. I sit down just before the summit and look back at our ship. I think I hear dad inside cussing at the plasma drives and can’t help chuckling a little over his temper. There’s a slight breeze pushing my dark strands of hair over my eyes. I tuck my bangs back behind my ears and look back over the far side of this hill I’ve climbed. That’s when I noticed something really strange.

Running along the side of this hill and close to the top where I am is a bug sized mammal that can’t be any longer than my thumb. My eye’s light up with fascination as I prepare to reach over and snatch it for my collection. But before I can even do that something even more spectacular happens. A wooden projectile no thicker than a cat’s whisker flies out of some rocks as the creature runs by and hits it right in the neck dropping it like a bag of rocks. I’m angered by this and am looking for the bug that just killed the cute mammal that had the horns sticking out of it’s head. My bucket is raised over my head ready to smash it to smithereens. Well I don’t have long to wait before the culprit make’s itself seen as it heads for it’s kill. Out of a cleft of rocks comes the most wonderful being I have ever lain eyes upon. It looks a lot like a Borian. It’s skin darker than mine and almost red in color. It must be a male because it is bare chested with only a loin cloth upon it’s body. It also has a tiny band that goes around it’s head keeping it’s hair in place. Oh, and don’t let me forget to mention that he can’t be more than 2 inches tall!

I lower my bucket back down to my side and fight back the urge to gasp and shriek. I mean it’s not every day you see a adult that’s no longer than your pinky finger. I’m grinning from ear to ear and just can’t stop marveling over it’s adorable stature. If you saw me right now I’d look very immature and silly I suppose but I just can’t stop gawking!

I watch him walk over to the beast he just killed and withdraw a shinny sliver of a weapon and begin cutting it open. Yuck! I try not to watch him but just can’t stop. It was at that moment that I decided that my collection of other worldly items was just about to take a marvelously interesting turn.

Chapter 2

The tiny native man was busy butchering his kill and so intent on his task that he didn’t notice me lean over and stretch out my arm until it was too late. Some hunter I humourously thought. My hand was shaking as it drew near him. I opened my fingers and prepared grasp him when I think he saw the shadow of my hand rising above his location. He turned back so quickly that I almost jumped out of my skin! But I suppose the sight of someone as big as me was a lot more shocking to him than his movements were to me as his mouth and eyes shot open to the most adorable lengths. He just stood there like he was petrified or something, hehe, little ole me scaring a full grown man stiff! I was loving it and feeling guilty at the same time. Regardless I once again moved my hand to him and engulfed him within it. As I closed my fingers his warm soft body felt better than a new born kitten’s. He also felt very fragile as well and I took pains not to squeeze him too hard as I brought him back to my awaiting face.

I think it was at this point that he snapped out of his daze for he began to struggle violently. He was within my fist and giving it every thing he had. It reminded me how it felt to pick up a baby frog with just about the same amount of resistance as he kicked and began to scream. I opened my fingers one at a time starting with my index so that I could examine his face more closely and still keep him subdued with my ring and pinky fingers. He had a very handsome look to him, that is when he wasn’t wailing like a little baby as he was doing that moment. He also kept thrashing about the cage my hand had become for him. His constant wiggling was so cute as I began to stroke his long black hair with my index. I began to talk softly to him and try to reassure him that I meant no harm Without the voicetrans box I knew he wouldn’t understand my language but I never the less continued to shoosh and speak softly as one would do to a small baby.

It was a few more moments of this futile struggling before he remembered the little knife in his hand and tried to stab me with it. Ha, ha it felt like a mosquito sting every time he tried to stick my palm with it. It didn’t really smart that much at all but I decided to disarm him of it before he inadvertently hurt himself or something. So, taking the index and thumb of my opposite hand I gently squeezed the hand that held the weapon until he dropped it. I might have applied a bit too much pressure as he forgot about me for a moment and began holding his hand and trying to shake the pain out. Oops, I can be such a klutz sometimes. It was at this point that I heard my mother calling us in and that dad had fixed the drives again. I looked around and saw that she hadn’t seen me yet as Tria grouchingly got up with her blanket to head back. I had little time to think. My next action was a very selfish one I know but I am 9 after all and don’t always think things through as much as a grown up does. So, looking back at the prize in my hand I decided to keep him. Thinking fast I pulled a couple of hairs from my head and tied them around his mouth. My mother called again as I was doing this and I hollered back that I was coming. A few twists and turns and I had his arms secured to his sides as well. Then quickly I slid him into my plastic bucket and ran down the hill as not to provoke my mother’s ire. I trotted past mom who was at the entrance ramp and tried to act casual as she asked if I had found anything interesting (If she only knew!). "No mom there wasn’t anything interesting around here." I lied and hurried to my travel seat.

Chapter 3

We’re all at home now. During the trip he kept kicking the bucket and I had to slap my flip flops across my feet a bunch of times to cover the sound. Finally I grabbed a sweater and stuffed it into the bucket further immobilizing him. Wheew! I thought we’d never get home that day. Later in the evening I hid him in a shoe box in my closet and that’s pretty much been his home ever since. The next day was the weekend so I was able to spend more time with him. The first thing I did was try and feed him. I got his shoe box home down and put it on my bed. Next I put a small tea cup full of water so he could drink. Boy was he thirsty. He kept lapping at the water with his hand making him look like a cave man or something. Being that I didn’t have any cups that he could lift I just smiled and watched his adorable table manners. I was so giddy just watching him that I could barely keep from reaching in and picking him up to play with but that would come later. Next I put a cheese puff in there to see if he would eat it. As usual he jumped back from my hand as soon as it entered. Gee, you’d think he’d figure I wasn’t out to hurt him by now but some folks are slow I suppose. Anyway the cheese puff was a failure as he just stared at it and kept his distance. That’s when I got an idea.

Getting up I ran back to mom and dad’s room who were both at work (sis was babysitting me again) and snatched the voicetrans box. This gadget has two parts to it. One part you put in your ear so that you can hear a foreign translation and the other you give to the person you wish to talk to. People tend to learn your language faster that way too. Turning it on I ran back to my room and locked my door (of course!). I was already to tell him that he should eat the food I gave him when I noticed that he was not in the box anymore. Oops, I left the lid off! I can be so dense sometimes. My annoyance at my mistake gave way to a interesting sensation however, as I set about trying to find him. I mean here I am just a little girl who’s setting about stalking a full grown man, a man who was trying to escape me! The thought of it made my stomach kinda tickle with novelty of it. Making a game out of this interesting situation I bellowed "Fee fi fo fum better come out cuz here I come!". He, heh I can be so silly sometimes. Anyway the first place I looked was down at my stockinged feet. After all I’d hate to squash the little fella. So checking around my big ole feet and not seeing him I went ahead and stomped them on the floor a couple of times to simulate my arrival. I couldn’t stop giggling as I set about finding him.

My name is Eagle Feather. I have lived for 26 suns (years to us folks). I was hunting one fine day and had just killed a Elk with one single arrow from my great bow. I was beginning to gut the prize so that I could pull it back to my tribe and share the reward when out of the sky a great Goddess plucked me from the mountain that I was hunting on. She must be a daughter of the great Moon Goddess as she has several daughters the lore speakers tell us. I tried to be brave and fight her off but being a mere mortal I was no match for her superior strength. She took me back to her home on the moon and now I am trying to find a way back to my tribe. I am a man and my life belongs to the world of the mortals not the Gods. When the daughter of the Moon Goddess left her lofty chamber I lifted the strange orange colored stump that resembled maize fried in hot lard up to a suitable position for climbing the wall of the strange tee-pee that she had imprisoned me in. The orange stump was porous and offered easy foot and hand holds. Standing on the tip of it I made a leap for the upper ledge with success. I pulled myself over the side and landed on the soft surface of a quilt the likes of which stretched as far as my eyes dared to look. I moved over to the ledge of a cliff that was covered in this material.

I am the greatest hunter in my tribe, but here I was about to be the one whom was hunted. I was out of my depth for the first time in my life. It did not help my pride that me a great warrior that I am is trying to flee a young girl and would like to ask you not to relate this information to my tribe as the shame I would never live past. I quickly looked down the cliff that was covered in the quilt. I would be able to traverse this easy enough but this chamber was as square as the tee-pee I was trapped within. I noticed one opening higher than a mountain on the opposite side. This undoubtedly would be the way she would come back for me so I’d have to take a indirect route to it and use all of the cover at my disposal. On the floor were a great many articles of clothing that seemed to be made of the same material that I was standing upon. This was good. Not wasting any time I made my way down the cliff.

The little guy sure was clever I’ll tell ya. I put the voicetrans transmitter on the floor and set it to the highest level of distance so he’d be sure to hear me and I’d hear him in a language we’d both understand. Having accomplished this I bent down to the floor and looked under my bed. "Come out come out where ever you are little fellow". I waited for a response. He was being quiet and sneaky for sure. Removing a old balled up sock from underneath the bed I was ready to pounce but there was no little indian brave cowering behind it. I pulled some more clothing and junk out only to find more dust bunnies but no little man. I was almost shaking with excitement. This was so fun! I popped up and looked over the bedspread and pillows just to be sure he didn’t chicken-out from climbing down but he was nowhere on the bed or under it. I would have to methodically search my floor now.

Oh Boy did I almost make a big mistake! Without a moments hesitation I bounded back towards the door and shut it. Then I took some books and put them along the bottom to make a good seal. "Now your mine little man and when I catch ya I’m gonna tickle you senseless, he he heh" I laughed.

Chapter 4

Eagle Feather was hiding within a wrinkle of a discarded blouse. He could feel the floor under his feet vibrate with each ominous step that the giant girl took. Peeking out from his makeshift cover he could see her finishing up the sealing of the door with some strange flat items that we would refer to as being books. For some strange reason he could understand the goddess’s words and figured it was due to her ability to project magic. "Come out, come out, wherever you are." She taunted.

The goddess was wearing cloths not much different from the white settlers that had passed through his tribes hunting grounds years ago. This perplexed him as he couldn’t figure out why she did not dress like the maidens of his tribe. She wore a white dress that came down to her knees and then upon her legs were these black stockings that resembled what the white settler ladies had worn but only of a much finer quality. Her brown hair was not as dark as his but was longer to be sure and was braided on both sides to make pigtails. She had brown eyes like his own and a mischievous smile upon her face.

Eagle Feather knew that look. It was the look of a child about to have fun and somebody’s else expense. That somebody would be him if he was not careful. Could this girl outsmart him and capture him once again? His pride would not bear a repeat performance of the day before. So he began to listen very intently to her every move and look more closely at the massive exit that she had blocked. Upon further inspection he could see a gap between two of the books that might just work if he slid his body through them upon his side like a snake. Eagle Feather smiled as he now could see his escape strategy. It was only about 40 meters away.

Another lumberous vibration told him that she was still on the hunt. He could hear thunderous giggles as well which did nothing to reassure him of his plight. She was stalking him like prey. Continuing the taunting of him from time to time by calling out to him. "Little Indian Brave, I’m gonna getcha! I’m gonna tickle you, hehehe."

He began to perspire as he waited for his opportunity. It came a couple of minutes later as the vibrations receded in intensity signaling him that she was on the far side of her massive room searching for him. She would get around to his temporary protection under the blouse eventually so it was now or never he reasoned. Eagle Feather crawled out slowly at first and held his breath making his way through the prairie grass height carpet fibers. These fibers made his footing unsure and awkward as he had never traversed such strange grounds before. Not daring to look back he began to quicken his pace and proceed with a slow hunched over trot, trying to keep as low a profile as possible.

He was half way to the opening when he heard a thunderous "Wheee there you are!" The vibrations began again and this time with determined speed. Eagle Feather abandoned his trot and broke into a all out sprint. The vibrations was shaking his footing once more as they closed the distance to him. He was almost there and could feel the escape route with his mind.

That was when the massive foot slammed down before him just cutting off his escape. He had too much momentum to slow his run and wound up slamming right into her heel, bouncing back, and then landing square on his back. Eagle Feather had just a moment to reorient his stunned self to his predicament when he felt a change in air pressure as the stocking clad foot that he had ran into lifted back up into the air with lightning speed and then dropped down upon him almost as fast blotting out the sky. Eagle Feather had just enough time to put up his arms in a feeble attempt to ward off the inevitable before he was flattened beneath it. At once he noticed the high temperature, then the humid dampness and then the rank odor of foot sweat mixed with stinky hose. Through this terrifying ordeal as he gasped for air he could hear the giant girl giggling with the delight of conquest. He was outmaneuvered, outsmarted and caught again! He felt a mixture of anger, humility, and awe as the foot slowly increased it’s pressure totally immobilizing his struggles. He could only pray that she would not snuff out his life in this instant of time.

She had won round two as well.

Chapter 5

I continued to smoosh and need him on the floor between my stinky stocking clad toes. Not so much to show him his place but more just to me mean and it made me feel giddy inside to have so much power over another intelligent being. I suppose you’ve guessed by now that I’m not the nicest girl in the world and I’d counter by asking you what you’d do if you had a tiny being to be the lord and master of. Your probably jealous if the truth be known. So Naa to you as I stick my tongue out at ya! Hehehe.

I brought my game to a new tempo by allowing him to get up and make another dash for freedom. This amused me thoroughly as I would simply drop my feet into his path causing him to collide with them and fall again and again. I continued to smoosh him to the floor as well. He would run to the left and I would block the left path. He would run to the right and bam, I would block that way as well. Sometimes as he ran I would simply nudge him to the floor with my big toe or whatever toe that happened to collide with him. Slowly but surely I herded him towards my bed. By the time we got there he was doing no more than crawling. I suppose I’d beat him up pretty good. But I wasn’t through with him yet. No by a long shot!

I scooped him off the floor and brought him to my face so that I could examine him in detail. I sat down upon my bed and calmly looked him over. He was shaking like a little baby and this made me feel giddy again. I took a fingertip and gently stroked his long hair. I moved his head back and forth to see how much play it had in it. He attempted to swat at my fingers repeatedly but I could barely even feel it. I slowly felt and groped his body noticing the texture and give that his arms and legs could produce. But he kept struggling which annoyed me a little, so I decided to take what little fight he had left in him away. Thinking for a second my eyes lit up as I came up with my plan.

I decided to play man-eating monster with him like I’ve seen happen in some sci fi movies before. Pinching his ankles together I removed his teeny tiny moccasins. Then upturning my hand I dropped him to my bed which must have been about 10meters or so from his perspective. He kind of just bounced and then flopped over onto his belly having no control over the springiness of my mattress. Then he attempted to run again away from me down the length of my bed but only this time with much less speed and strength. I made my best roaring call and crouched down upon my hands and knees. Roaring again I began my pursuit.

He noticed my attentions and made the cutest look of fear as he swung his head back to look at me in terror as he tried to keep up his mad dash for safety. I leaned forward and gnashed my teeth just behind him. He kept running a little further and then tripped and fell upon the surface of my comforter. He immediately tried to get back up but I simply dropped my head down and closed my lips upon his tiny 5cm long body. When I raised up he was trapped between my lips and struggling to break out of their soft, moist hold. His left leg dangled out of my mouth and swung back and forth as did his left arm. His face was kinda smooshed in between my lips cutting off his air no doubt. So getting up from my bed I repositioned him to where his upper torso was completely within my mouth. I walked over to my vanity mirror and beheld the cutest little spectacle. His bare feet were kicking up and down as if he were running in place! Hahaha can you believe that?!!

I took a feather from my bureau that had been attached to one of my writing pens and began to tickle his exposed feet. Those poor feet tried in vain to move to the left, to the right, sideways, up, down, and any way you can think of to stop the abuse. But it was all in vain, hehe. I also noticed that my mouth was doing a lot of watering as his torso kept rubbing against my tongue. So I kept having to swallow more and more saliva which I suppose was extremely gross from his point of view. But what could he do about it? I was the giant after all and he’d just have to deal with it.

I kept this up for a while until the fun was quashed by my mother calling me downstairs to dinner. Drats! Pulling him out I noticed how wet and sticky his hair was and would need to wash him later. He also kept trying to wipe my warm wet spit from his face. In the meantime I simply dried his hair with the corner of my blouse and tossed him back into the shoe-box. Tonight we were eating Dorian ribs and I love Dorian ribs so I’d have to continue my abuse (or fun as I meant to say) later. I made a mental note to sneak a bowl of warm water back up to my room after supper so that he could be properly cleaned.

Chapter 6

The Goddess who calls herself Belinda roughly grabbed me once again from the dwelling that she had provided for me. She brought me up to her nose and sniffed me. Scrunching up her nose she shook her head side to side and told me that a cleaning was in store for me. I knew not what this meant but was sure that I would not like whatever it amounted to.

I was already exhausted from my previous cat and mouse ordeal so was unable to put up much fight when she took me over to her bed. She kneeled beside it so I looked over her cupped hand to see what was in store for me. There close to the edge of it was the largest bowl I had ever seen. It was filled with a clear looking water that resembled the mountain streams that ran down from the spring snow thaws. I began to desperately struggle again as I did not want to be put in a bowl if ice cold water. But I had no choice as she simply upended me in her hand and held me upside down above the water. To my extreme embarrassment she hooked one of her nails into my loincloth and shook me until I fell right out of it naked. I plunged headfirst down into the water and to my relief found that it was warm as a hot spring.

When I arose to gasp for air her awaiting hand was there to snatch me up. I struggled as I did not want a young girl to see me exposed but once again she had her way with me. She giggled as she brought a massive wet rag up to me and began whipping me with it from head to toe. The rag was soaked with a white frothy foam that was pleasant to the smell and reminded me of limes or lemons. No part of my body was left unmolested from her attentions as I was manipulated between her fingers and the rag. When she was satisfied with me I felt her hand lower and before I knew it I was dunked in the warm water. I was brought up and then dunked again. Gasping for breath this happened a few more times.

Finally I was brought up again to her face which had a curious expression upon it. She was looking at a area that she had never seen before and it made both of us nervous. I shyly moved my hands over the area in question but she simply just moved my arms apart and continued her examination. Her cheeks flushed red with embarrassment eventually and I was covered in another huge rag.

This rag was dry as she once again needed me between their thick soft folds. I felt as if I were wrestling with a bear as I was buffeted back and forth relentlessly until she was at last satisfied. I was sat on the bedspread while she dipped my loincloth in the warm water a few times like she had done with me. She wrung them out between her fingers and then handed them back to me. I put on my damp trunks and waited to see what she would do next.

She took the bowl of water away from me and sat it upon a huge storage shelf. Then she came back to me. I was once again engulfed in her massive hand only to have it open completely leaving me with a degree of relative freedom. That is as long as I didn’t jump off of it to my death. So sitting down upon my rump I waited once again to see what she had in store for me. She brought her face close to me and then took in a massive breath. Then out it came showering me with warm sweet smelling air that tasseled my hair like a strong westerly wind would have done. Again and again she blew those massive tufts of air upon my damp hair and loincloth until both were dry.

I leaned back upon her warm palm and finally collapsed from exhaustion. My body could take no more of her attentions. I laid upon my back and looked up at her gigantic face that thoughtfully regarded me. It came down to me again but I had no strength to fight off what she was about to do next. I figured that now that I had been tormented, played with, and properly cleaned, that like a cat she was about to eat me and put me out of my misery. But alas this was not to be the case for Eagle Feather today. Instead two massive lips smothered my face and pressed it down into her palm. I heard her declare- "Good night little Indian Brave." as I was for the first time gently lowered onto my bed. The roof of my dwelling was replaced and I fell quickly into a deep slumber.

Chapter 7

Well as you can imagine I was in the shock of my life when I disrobed the poor little being. I hadn’t quite looked at him as being someone akin to myself but on a vastly smaller scale until last week. I had never seen a man in the nude and did not know the difference between the two sexes and now have my tiny charge to thank for that inadvertent lesson. I still tease him just as much as ever but I am far less rough with him these days.

Having a tiny adult man to look after is the neatest thing in the world. I feel like his mother and wife and daughter all rolled up into one. I went out shopping with my older sis and bought him better accommodations as in a dollhouse that I can lock up at night as well as cloths while we were at the mall. I even had Tria take me to the electronics store so that I could spend a good part of my allowance on a voicetrans necklace that eliminated my need to steal my parents bulky voicetrans every night.

I delighted in dressing and undressing him in the doll cloths that I had bought much to his consternation. He absolutely hates wearing slacks and lace up shoes. With a magnifier I’ve managed to braid his hair on several occasions but this is tedious and time consuming as you could imagine. I usually just wet his hair with some spit rubbed between my fingers and slick it back into a pony tail. He’s the cutest little man when I do this and wrap him in a three piece suit. He can also look like the most dignified minuscule fellow once I’ve got him in a golfing outfit, you should really see it some time. Or when I make him wear the beach cloths I found for him. I only wish I had a wife to go along with him and have been working on that angle that past few days should the truth be known.

I love feeding him as well which I can’t say that he enjoys either might I add. I think it has to do with the fact that I never let him use his own hands and insist on feeding him with my fingers and with a baby’s bottle. Normally I have to secure his little head between my finger tips and then force his mouth open as well. Then down the hatch as they say! The first week I force fed him milk laced with a little honey. When he get’s too out of control with rage sometimes I have to lace some sedative that I stole from mom’s medicine cabinet into his milk and then force feed him until he falls fast asleep in the palm of my hand. It’s the most adorable spectacle your eyes could ever behold. Just like a baby that you pat on the back until it snores on your shoulder, he he he!

Sometimes I feed him cookies too. I just chew them up a bit and then put a wet glob on my finger tip. He protests and shakes his head at the treat I offered him as if he could stop me from feeding him! Once again I have to force feed him the wet and tasty treat. Then to be washed down by the baby bottle of milk that I already have prepared for him.

Day to day I find new ways to amuse myself at his expense. Such as dropping him into a slipper and then filling it with my stinky foot. Or putting him in a used sock and spinning him around like a sling! I also still like playing man-eating monster with him as well. Oh another thing I like to play with him is hide and seek. And if I find him which I always do his penalty is to be tickled for 10 minutes straight! I’ve done longer before but my fingers start to get tired after a while.

I like playing outrun the big gigantic foot! This is a game where he must outrun my big gigantic feet or get smooshed into the carpet. I take off my shoes and away we go, or he goes or he get's squashed! This game literally keeps him on his toes as he tries and escape my monster feet by running around things I've left on the floor. It keeps me on him with my toes too by the way!

I also like playing trampoline man with him. To do this I put him on my bed and then I run and jump on it making him fly up in the air and then flop back down on the blankets. I also use my hand and just smack the mattress next to him and watch him fly away in silly little delightful angles. This makes him mad by the way.

I’ve sat on him a few times too using my pillows and comforter but this really get’s him scared and I have to be kinda careful when I do it too. I’ve sat on him too long before only to have him pass out and then I have to splash him in my sink until he wakes up and we can do it again!

Speaking of getting mad he really get’s made when I play the maze game with him. This is where I set up a bunch of cardboard walls and put him in the middle of it. His task is to find his way through the complex set of walls I’ve put around him to the food that I’ve hidden in some location in the maze. I torment him by eating apples and other tasty treats from high above as I giggle and watch him try and find his supper. I can set up big mazes that span the entire floor of my room and these can prove too complex for him to negotiate. But I just laugh and continue to eat away furthering his frustration and torment. Once bedtime comes if he hasn’t found the food then it’s just too bad and it’s back to the dollhouse for the night without supper. The next morning I’ll take him back out and put him back where he got lost the last time! He was really clever at first and would watch my eyes as I would sometimes double check to see if he was getting closer to his food or not. But after a couple of wins on his part I caught on and started doing mean things like looking in the wrong directions just to confuse him. God I love playing the maze game! But boy does it make him mad. He wants to eat when he’s hungry and not be forced to play my childish games as he calls them just to get his food but hey, I’m the Giantess here and he needs to amuse me not the other way around.

Which brings me up to his occasional punishments that I have to perform when he says mean things to me or makes obscene gestures. He does this often and I don’t forgive until he’s payed the price for them. I’ll tell you about his punishments next!

Written by: Realsmall

Illustrated by: That Borrower!

Melly Mills vs. the Schoolyard Bullies

Well Jay as you know has been avoiding me like the plague ever since I burped in his face. I don't think it smelled that bad but who knows. I've been wondering how I can make up for such a rude mistake for the past few days and suddenly without warning the opportunity sprung right into my arms, He he.

It was one of those boring Thursday afternoons and I had just finished my home schooling with Dr. Crisp who had left about 5 minutes earlier in his old black sedan. I was just daydreaming sitting at the front of my shed, braiding my hair when I saw Jay running up the road crying his little eyes out. He was about to pass me by and head straight for his house so I jumped up and blocked his path so that I could find out what'd happened. He almost ran right into my belly as I was crouched on my knees so that he couldn't run straight through my legs or something. Stopping just before me he looked up at me and tried to wipe the tears from his eyes. I could see that one of his eyes was black and his nose was bloody (ick!). Jay spoke up in a hurtful tone- "Get outta my way Melly I want to go home now. After saying this he tried to barge right past me to my right but I just put out my arm and collected him back in front of me. It was as easy as scooping a kitten along but this wasn't no time to laugh so I asked him again with both of my hands on his tiny little shoulders.

Jay just looked down and said: "They beat me up Melly, that's what happened." "Who?" I asked. "That darn Earnest Carmikel, his stooge Benny Belingo and their underling stooge Jimmy Mac... They're all older than me and Earnest failed 11th grade once and Benny failed it twice. They were waiting for me at the big oak tree down at the end of our street. They said tomorrow after school I'd better bring them my lunch money or I'll get another beating." Jay just started sniffling again so I hugged him to my chest in a effort to comfort him. I felt all motherly at that moment which kinda made me feel adult and all. He cried a little more on my chest and once he finished I rubbed his eyes with my blouse and told him to go on inside and not to say a word of it to his Ma or Pa and that tomorrow I'd fix the whole situation up my way. Jay didn't say a word and ran back to his house as I instructed. His parents wouldn't be home for another hour so I knew he'd have plenty of time to wash up and think of a excuse to tell them.

I went back inside my shed and thought up my plan as I was really mad about what had happened and I knew I could meet their force with even more if I had too. I'd never done something like that before so my approach would have to be somewhat creative I figured. I wanted to make sure that those jerks never did something like that again and still not wind up in jail over it either. As I contemplated my actions I started to feel kinda giddy inside with my new found role of potential authority figure. As if my large size could finally be used for something useful in my community. Perhaps in the future I could chase down bank robbers or apprehend husbands who beat their wives. I thought of these things for the rest of the evening and made sure I told Mrs. Appleton that I knew nothing about Jay's injuries and reaffirmed that I believed what ever story he had told her. She didn't seem convinced but left me alone after a little bit all the same. Just before I went to sleep that night I had thought of the most brilliant plan!

The next morning I got up and caught Jay as he went to school. I told him to make sure that he took the same path home that he always did and not to deviate from it. It took some convincing on my part and I could only tell him to trust me on this one. I think he had planned on sneaking home for the rest of his life but I didn't think that would be necessary he he.

Right at 3 o'clock I snuck up to that big oak tree that Jason told me about. It was perfect. The tree was so big that it completely hid me which is not a easy task I assure you. I crouched down peaking out every once in a while waiting for the culprits to show. And sure enough they did. I was on the backside of that oak and they came up to the street side waiting for their chance to beat up Jay once again. It took all of my reserve not to just jump out then and there I tell ya but somehow I remained calm as I wanted to catch them in the act. They chatted for a few minutes about stupid stuff that I didn't care to hear about. One of them even lit up a cigarette and passed it around. They all tried to seem big by taking puffs here and there which only made me more disgusted than I already was. They started joking about which one's turn it was to beat up poor little Jay again which really ticked me off I tell ya. Just before I finally lost my cool with those jerks Jay came right up the road as he had promised to do.

The leader who I took to be Earnest began his salutations to poor Jay. "Well, well, well, if it isn't little boy blue himself come to pay up or else". The other two laughed at his silly rhyme and remained close to their leader for support I suppose. "Did you bring your lunch money little boy?" Jay just looked at the ground all frightened and all. "Because if you didn't, today your getting whipped by Jimmy Mac who needs to practice his punching bag techniques." They all laughed again. "Well do you got the money little Jay or is it knuckle sandwich time?" Jay just shook his head and quivered that he didn't have the money. At which time Benny pushed Jay onto his back and then Jimmy jumped on top of him to begin his beating. At that moment I charged out ready for action.

"I don't think that's going to be necessary little boys." I roared. They all three looked up and if you could have seen how big their mouths got you would have sworn they were half Alligator. While they were all in shock I took advantage of the situation and scooped them all three into my arms like a crane or something. I closed my arms and lifted up taking them several feet from the ground. "Bad little boys are going to get a spanking from Momma that they'll never forget!" I said in my most motherly tone that I could speak. At that point they began to struggle so I just squeezed my arms a little tighter and all they could do was cry in terror as I turned and headed back towards my shed. Being almost 20 feet tall has it's perks! An incredulous Jay just tagged behind me like a puppy dog half in shock and half interested to see what was going to happen to those bad boys whom I was about to punish.

When we got to my shed I turned around and told Jay to go inside his house and that I'd call him when I was done with these brats who were still crying and moaning by the way. With that I shut the shed doors and locked them with my door latch. After that I walked to the center of my big room and sat down on my improvised chair that I had built out of square bails of hay. They were stacked just right to resemble a big lazy boy chair! But comfort was going to be the last things these bad boys knew today I assure you.

So taking Benny and Jimmy Mac I secured each of them under my big dirty smelly feet, one per foot so that they couldn't go anywhere and kinda have to endure more humiliation while I tended to their leader whom I calmly laid across my lap taking his arms behind his back secured with one of my big hands. Then I pulled down his britches leaving his underwear exposed and began to berate him. "Now bad boys get bad punishments and need to know their place or bad boys get this." SMACK . I just gave him a love tap as he felt so fragile to me as I didn't want to break him in half. To my surprise this was enough to make him start balling his eyes out. He begged and pleaded with me not to hit him again but he was far from that wish to be granted today. So I kinda teased him a little as I reared my free hand back up into the air for another wallop. "It's too late for sorries and apologies buster." SMACK. "You should have thought about the repercussions before you attacked that poor defenseless boy." SMACK More tears and wailing came from him as I reared back for another blow. I could also feel the other boys squirming under my feet trying to sneak away so I just applied more pressure until they stopped moving so much. "Now are you going to ever SMACK hit SMACK Jayson SMACK again? SMACK. He was balling up a storm now and all he could whimper out was a weak little "No!" through his tears. "Good, because SMACK if I ever SMACK catch you SMACK hitting on my little step brother SMACK again, SMACK I'll make this spanking SMACK seem like a SMACK snuggle session." SMACK, SMACK, SMACK.

I took the quivering mess from my lap and pulled Benny up simultaneously and then placed him on the ground where I promptly secured him by placing my big dirty smelly foot right over his face so I didn't have to listen to any more of his baby crying. I couldn't believe how light and fragile these boys were. They reminded me of rag dolls or something. Benny was the next to lose his britches and had a funny little pair of super man undies on that made him look so cute that I almost forgot what I needed to do to him. So without further ado I administered his spanking with just as much enthusiasm as I had done with Earnest.

I continued the same proceeding with Jimmy Mac as well and before I knew it I had three slobbering wrecks who couldn't keep their hands off of their hineys. I suppose they needed a lot of soft tissues before they tried sitting down for the next week he he he. Having accomplished my enforcement duty for the day I picked all three of them up and headed out the door. Earnest had the nerve to ask about his jeans and I told him that part of their punishment was to run home without there britches and that if anyone asked what happened that they were to tell that they went swimming while they were playing hookey from school and a bear stole them. I didn't think their male ego would allow them to tell the true stories anyway. As I opened my shed door much to my surprise was Jay who had been listening all along. I thought about chastising him but a better idea came to mind.
Setting all three bullies on the ground I told them to tell Jay that they were sorry. They said so but I made them repeat it even louder with more sincerity the second time which all of them managed to do in unison. Then I told them that if any bully ever picked on him again that they would get the blame so that they'd better watch out for him or I was going to tan their behinds again but with much more serious wacks the next time. Then I told them to run home or I might just spank them again. Ha, ha they didn't need to be told twice as they ran down the driveway to the street as fast as their little sore bottoms would carry them.
Jay watched them run away then he turned back to crane his head and kinda gawk at me for a second. Jay was smiling and had a funny look on his face that I just couldn't read. He finally spoke. "Thank you Melly for ending my troubles. And I forgive you for belching in my face the other day now." I bent down to my knees and just ruffled his hair some. "Don't worry about it little step bro. After all, what are big sisters for?!"
With that he turned and walked back to his house stopping to look at me one more time before he went inside. I felt really giddy inside at that moment like their were butterflies floating in my stomach or something. I felt useful and empowered for the first time in a long time. I walked back to my straw chair and sat down. Me, the queen for a day.He he he.

The End